Sleeping Shabbos

Shabbos is best spent studying Torah. However, most shomer Shabbat folks I know spend the better part of Saturday studying the backs of their eyelids.

According to the Orthodox Union, extra sleep is also considered appropriate and desirable on Shabbat, in line with the principle of "Shayna b'Shabbat Taanug," "(Extra) Sleep on Shabbat is considered a Delight!"


Matzah is the unleavened "Bread of Affliction" that we eat during Passover.

Originally titled "Flour Power", thanks for "Constipesach", Meryl!


Biur chametz is the mitzvah of cleaning your house of all chometz, including bread, grain products and other non-OUP items, before Passover. It is customary to spend many days cleaning every nook and cranny of your home, to ensure that there is no trace of chametz left behind. Any chametz that is found must be sold or burned. Or you could donate your chametz, but that isn't nearly as fun.

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