What's the Haredi?

Haredi (or Charedi) Judaism, sometimes called "ultra-Orthodox", is considered the most theologically conservative form of Orthodox Judaism.

Haredim only go on a date, or shidduch, to find a potential spouse.

Modern Orthodox Jews have been known to go on dates with extramarital goals in mind.

Lag B'ummer

Lag Ba'Omer is a holiday with many explanations for celebration. One excuse to celebrate is that it commemorates the day the plague ended that killed Rabbi Akiva's students.

Lag Ba'Omer falls on the thirty-third day in the counting of the omer: Lag comes from the Hebrew alphanumeric equivalent of 33; Omer is the grain offering.

I am almost certain this is why we celebrate by drinking as much pure grain alcohol as possible.

Zeros and Ones

It is a foundation of the Jewish faith, and other monotheist religions, to believe that God is One and that He is a most perfect and absolute Unity.

On the Internet, God is many things.

The Torah has been translated into many languages, but never into binary, as far as I know ... unless you count the Universal Science Based on the Ultimate Energy.