Does anyone else remember the days when JDate used to ask each member to rate his or her own attractiveness? I couldn't find any reference to this embarrassing request anywhere on the Internet. If you have any proof, let me know.

Update: Aryeh of Jewster.com remembers the following categories for self rating on JDate: stunning, very attractive, attractive, exotic, average, below average

Keep in mind, this was quite some time ago. I think I was one of the first few members of JDate: I had a five-digit membership ID that began with a "1", and back then you could reply to JDate Communications for free. I even got free trial membership "tokens". And EVERYBODY rated themselves as "Very Attractive".

Divided We Stand

"The mekhitza is a divider between men and women in a synagogue. Sometimes it is simply a physical separation between the two sexes, such as a room divider or curtain. Sometimes the women's section is in a balcony."

"The reason for a mekhitza is to provide the men with a greater opportunity to focus on their prayers, rather than on the attractive women in the room."

"The women's section is stereotypically a place where women talk without regard for the prayer service." (from JewishVirtualLibrary.org)