In accidental mixtures, the principle of bateil beshishim is applied--i.e., if a forbidden food accidentally falls into a pot wherein a permitted food is cooking, the permitted food is unaffected and remains edible if it is at least sixty times the volume of the forbidden food.

A blood spot in an egg is not kosher and could possibly render the entire egg not kosher.

* Also spelled bittul b'shishim


The Havdalah service marks the end of Shabbat. It should be performed no earlier than nightfall on Saturday night. Nightfall is the time when three stars can be seen in the sky. It is normally about 45 minutes to an hour after sundown, depending on your latitude. For the precise time when Shabbat ends in your area, consult the list of candle lighting times provided by the Orthodox Union.

You will need three things for this ritual: a glass of wine or other liquid, some fragrant spices, and a special Havdalah candle. (jewfaq.org)

Lashon Hara

Lashon Hara: Lit. the evil tongue. Sins against other people committed by speech, such as defamation, gossip, swearing falsely, and scoffing.
The person who listens to gossip is even worse than the person who tells it, because no harm could be done by gossip if no one listened to it. It has been said that lashon ha-ra (disparaging speech) kills three: the person who speaks it, the person who hears it, and the person about whom it is told. (Judaism 101)