Spin the Dreidel

On Hanukkah we spin the dreidel, a gambling game in which a four-sided top with the Hebrew letters Nun, Gimel, Hei, and Shin, is spun.

Bleak Friday

This week is Parshah Vayishlach. It's also Thanksgiving week, a period of time notorious for television repeats.

Do Not Watch This

If you haven't seen the popular viral video "2 Girls, 1 Cup" spreading on the Internet like wildfire, consider yourself lucky. I won't include a link to the video, or even describe it.

However, if you are curious, rather than watch the video, you can watch people's reactions to watching the video instead.

Thanks for the tip, JB!

Esau It Coming

In Parshah Toldot, Isaac's wife Rebecca gives birth to twins: Esau comes first, then Jacob. Esau grows up to be a hunter, a real man's man; Jacob grows up as a "dweller in the tents of learning" (a.k.a. a nerd). Jacob tricks Esau into giving up his birthright in exchange for some hot stew, and later tricks their blind father into getting his blessing by wearing the hide of a goat to simulate his hairier brother.

Fur Real? Fur coat made entirely from male chest hair