Damn Sandler

There aren't too many Hanukkah movies to begin with. Unfortunately, Adam Sandler's Eight Crazy Nights is one, if not all of them.

"Squanders the cross-cultural comedy potential of a Jewish-themed Christmas movie on cheap fart gags and boilerplate schmaltz." — Ed Halter, VILLAGE VOICE

Anyway, Happy Hanukkah!

To Some Degree

Anyone who uses JDate should be familiar with the phrase "To some degree", just one of the menu options you can chose to describe your level of involvement in various aspects of Judaism.

Lobster, shrimp, and other seafood are not kosher.

Going to Wed Early

Premarital sex is prohibited by Jewish law. This, and a perfectly normal sex drive, is often incentive enough for young religious Jewish couples to get married ASAP.

You've been served! Divorce in the religious Jewish community requires a get, the Hebrew term for divorce papers. The man has more control over the decision than his wife. If a man refuses to grant his wife a divorce, she assumes the status of an agunah (literally, "chained" or "anchored" wife); she is unable to remarry religiously until the divorce is granted.


There are many streams of Judaism, ranging from secular to ultra-Orthodox. Among the most familiar are Reform, Conservative, and Orthodox. Some Jews may find their level of observence falls between two labels, like "Conservadox", a blend of Conservative and Orthodox philosophies.

Jewish Laws prohibit sex outside the context of marriage.