Play God

Genetic engineering may soon offer ways around the restrictive laws of kashrut. If there are halakhic changes, would you eat kosher pork? Or a brain-dead veal calf?

More Equal

During my Leading Up North trip to Israel, we were encouraged to participate in a Shabbat service that was out of the ordinary for us, so I attended an egalitarian Saturday morning service (Shacharit). I found the service to be quite enjoyable, and everyone did swell with their Torah reading ... especially the women.


This strip is a milestone for Shabot 6000 ... It is the first time I am posting a comic from Israel! To be specific, Jerusalem, which is in the Israeli Standard Time Zone (IST).

To find out what time shabbat starts and ends in your city, check out the Candle Lighting Times calendar.

Special thanks to my roommate Aryeh for his title idea.